quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2014

Paradise Lost

here lost with my thoughts
while my coffee is getting cold
I catch myself reflecting
how I was used to
how things never go right
at the same time
but remembering about the past
I've lived in this eden

well ...

at least I was feeling like that,
yet there is no perfection ...
Eva was unhappy
and I was the one to blame
I rejected all that divinity.
I've fell for my own choice
made a path through the fire
got problems with my black feathers,

maybe we just don't fit to the paradise
we make for ourselves
or maybe I just wasn't brave enough
to deal with my own happiness
nothing really changes
and that heavenly place is still there
in the same place it were before
inside my delusions

"that’s what I get for kicking
religion in the ass"
but I kicked the redhead too
we get what we deserve...
it's all about what we can achieve
the sky was just too much for me
and found no pleasure in the underworld
isn't that where we supose to be?
after all
between heaven and hell
there will always be much more things wrong
than just


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